"Diana has a voice that comes raining down with love from Heaven,
and has the power to bring us Home."

Krishna Das

"Diana Rogers has the soul of a gospel singer
and the voice of a goddess."

Daniel Goleman, Author of "Emotional Intelligence"

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"like petals unfolding
in the morning light
Diana's silky voice
unveil's the heart"

-Tara Bennett-Goleman, Author of "Emotional Alchemy"

"Unveiled" features beautiful, evocative Hindu devotional chants sung by Diana Rogers. She is accompanied by mesmerizing instrumentation including percussion from India and around the world, and other exotic instruments such as dotar, guitar, banjo, piano, keyboards, bansuri flute, sarangi, and violin. Featuring renowned world music artists Jai Uttal, Geoffrey Gordon, Kit Walker, Steve Gorn, and others.


1. Sri Ram
Raghupati Raghava*
Sri Guru Charanon*
4. Namah Shivaya
5. Sita Ram
6. Jai Bhagavan
7. Black is the Color
Hare Krishna

*QuickTime multimedia player required to sample audio tracks from "Unveiled".


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